Add Retro Placemats to Your Kitchen

Retro PlacematsAdd some splash to your kitchen look with retro placemats. New accents can be inexpensive. Yet, bring a fresh new look and feel to your retro kitchen decor. These retro placemats are fun additions to any table. Mix or match to create the style you love in your kitchen.

Kitchen Color Schemes and Retro Placemats

The charming look of retro placemats can match the color scheme of your retro kitchen or contrast to it. An eclectic look to your accent pieces can be just as much fun as a solid theme around one color. That’s part of the fun of decorating in a retro style.

With the retro look being all about what was popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s, there are plenty of choices. The color schemes for those era’s were all over the ball park. That means everything from hot pink to khaki tan are acceptable. You can match colors in your large appliances or floor covering. Or you can contrast your retro placemats. Maybe you have wallpaper in your kitchen. Pick out an accent color from that to match your placemat design.

Retro Placemats Designs

Any of these, and plenty more are available from the talented designers at Zazzle. But you can also create your own designs to match your retro kitchen. The folks at Zazzle make it easy for you to create a placemat that is just for your own kitchen. Even personalize with your name, your monogram or any wording you want. Think about a cute retro saying that may match a retro kitchen sign.

Retro Kitchen Decorating

In my kitchen, I leave my retro placemats on the table as part of my decorations. Sometimes they are used for my dining settings, other times they are purely for decoration. I have several sets. That way I can enjoy changing the look with the seasons, for holidays, or just when the mood strikes me.

I do love the idea of changing my kitchen look when ever I want. And it’s simple to do. A fresh new look for my table is achieved with just a new centerpiece and complementing retro placemats. Sometimes I use solid colors. Sometimes it’s a favorite pattern. But all the time the look makes me smile. That’s what you want in your retro kitchen. A look that causes you to smile.

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  1. Mandee says:

    I love placements and use them like you — they sit on the table all the time as decorations and we use them. Other times I use one as a base for a centerpiece or food I am serving. They protect the table and look wonderful! The retro dots are soooo cool! I think they would fit wonderfully into my retro kitchen style.

  2. Cynthia says:

    I do love placemats! Aside from protecting the table and being easy to clean, they really are an easy way to change the look of the room with very little effort or expense.

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