Create Vignettes to Achieve a Retro Kitchen

Vignettes – sounds interesting doesn’t it? They are just small groupings of items, usually themed, set off in an unused area. Think about the areas in your kitchen where you wouldn’t normally think to group a few items together. Parts of your counters, off in corners, a windowsill, even a corner of your eating area.

You can bring retro items together in small areas. Even something as simple as a few dishes with the 1950’s look, put together to form a vignette. If you have hanging space, add an advertising sign from the mid-century to complete the look.

Think of things like bowls, mason jars, even retro appliances. Vintage with a Twist shows a nice collection of retro dishes and other things that can help you create a Retro Kitchen vignette.

Several vignettes can be added to your kitchen, each contributing something additional to create the retro look. Don’t be afraid to add accents that will sparkle the look and give you a kitchen that is fun and exciting to be in.

Clean out your own kitchen cabinets to see what you have that can go with the look. Check out your local flea markets, estate sales and yard sales. All of these places can have great 1950’s items from a kitchen. As decorating accents pieces, you don’t need to worry about working models, or ones that you may serve food from.

So enjoy a little shopping with your retro kitchen look in mind. Add a 1950’s vignette from the special finds you pick up.


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