Fun Retro Kitchen Towels

Retro-Kitchen-TowelsRetro kitchen decorating is easy when you add little accessories. These fun retro kitchen towels make great additions. Any mid-century design can use kitchen towels hanging from racks to add to the effect.

Decorating with Accessories

When you want to have a retro look in your kitchen, your really don’t need to go through all the hassle of completely renovating. It’s much easier to change your accessories and accent pieces. You can still create that fun look from the 1950’s with the addition of things like wall decor, table linens and kitchen towels

Fun Kitchen Towels for the Retro Look

These are some of those fun designs that make a retro effect in your kitchen. The art style from the mid-century was more cartoon-like than realistic, but there was also a color scheme that was more unique to the period. Yellows, greens, pinks and reds were very popular. Although polka dots, plaids and stripes are also popular now days, they were quite popular then, too.

 Vintage Style Fresh Fruit in Yellow Kitchen Towels Set of 4 Vintage Cherries Polka Dots & Crochet Cherry Trim, Kitchen Towels Set of 4 Red Gingham Waffleweave Dish Towels, 2

Flour Sack and Terry Cloth

In the 1950’s flour sack kitchen towels were still the standard, but terry cloth in the kitchen was becoming accepted. Rick-rack and fringe could be added to terry cloth to bring about a more feminine look. When flour sack towels started showing with colors and designs, housewives embraced it. Whether you prefer one to the other, or like to mix them up, you’re in luck. Both work great for a retro look to your kitchen.

Cherries and Fruit Themes

For some reason, our grandmother’s kitchens from the 1950’s were abundant in fruit designs, particularly cherries. It would be fun to discover that some kitchen designer was a cherry fan and that’s why, but the reality is we don’t know why. It just became a popular art theme in those kitchens. Your own retro kitchen can have plenty of fruit themes and more with other options. Take a look at Retro Kitchen Towels to see plenty more, including a darling cowboy/cowgirl set from the 1950’s.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    The Retro kitchen towels really are a lot of fun and add a touch of classic beauty to any kitchen.

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