Kitchen Furniture

When creating your retro kitchen look, the addition of furniture, but way of a dining set, a bistro set or even a step stool, completes a full effect. Kitchen furniture pieces from the 1950’s was all about chrome, Formica tops and bold colors like red and black.  Cleaning-ease was the order of the day in the mid-century as the world was coming out of World War II and recreating a brand new life for itself. Women had experienced full-time work during the war and now their lives were forever altered. Now, they wanted less home work and the new shiny surfaces of chrome, Formica and plastics were in demand. Here, we have chosen some of our favorite kitchen furniture pieces, all from our favorite online shopping source, Amazon. Just click on your choice to see more about it, purchase it or browse more retro kitchen furniture.


Complete Dining Set 3-pc Bistro Set Oval Table
Step stool Set of 4 Chairs 29-inch 2 Stools
3-pc Bar Set Step Stool in White Studio Armchair Set
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