Kitchen Towels

Hanging a retro kitchen towel from your oven or refrigerator handle can be a fun, simple and inexpensive way to carry your retro kitchen theme. Retro kitchen towels often have humorous sayings on them with the image of a person from the 1950’s. But there are other looks to retro kitchen towels including floral patterns and solids. Consider your color scheme when choosing kitchen towels. Although you don’t have to stick with just that color scheme for your towel choices. You can mix it up easily to create a great retro kitchen look. Here we have chosen some of our favorites, from our favorite online shopping source, Amazon. Just click on your choice to see more about it, purchase it, or browse more retro kitchen towels.



Drink Coffee Flour Sack Towel Berries Jubilee
Crochet Accents Retro Advertising Cowboy/Cowgirl
Mother Hen Fruit & Flowers Retro Christmas
Brown and Pink Flour Sack Farm Red & White Set
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