Pink Mixing Bowls for Retro Kitchen Themes

Pink-Retro-Mixing-BowlsPink is a great color for any Retro kitchen theme, so adding a set of these pink mixing bowls makes a fun addition. Whether you set them out for decor accents or just save them for your cooking use, they simply add to your retro look.

Pink Retro Mixing Bowls

With a retro kitchen theme, you don’t need to stop at just the decor items. Functional items like mixing bowls make great additions. Setting them in an open cabinet or shelf can help with the decor, but sometimes it’s just the fun of using things that remind you of that mid-century time of the 1950’s.


These bowls and nesting sets are some of my favorites. They just evoke a feeling of that unique time in our history when women made the kitchen a fun and more interesting domain of their own.

Pink Color Schemes for Retro Kitchens

The color scheme of your retro kitchen can easily be pink with any number of other colors. The 1950’s kitchens took women away from the traditional farmhouse effect and into a world of brighter colors. Wood accents and furniture were replaced with chrome and colorful plastics. Pink and aqua blue were popular colors, but so were red, yellow, even orange. That means your retro kitchen color scheme can be a colorful reflection of your own personality.

Mixing Bowls for Great Gifts

Aren’t we always searching for unique and interesting gift ideas? Well, mixing bowls can fill that bill for you. If your recipient has a retro kitchen theme, perfect. But that’s not required to enjoy giving pink mixing bowls to someone who just likes pink. Pink is also a fun and popular accent color for a black and white kitchen. For most women, choosing something pink, like these mixing bowls, works great.

There are plenty of other choices for you. Just take a look at Pink Retro Mixing Bowls to see lots more, including sets that have the stirring spoons and other utensils to match. Now that’s a fun gift idea whether for yourself or someone else.


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  1. Cynthia says:

    Pink and Aqua blue are still among my favorite decorating colors! I love the pink mixing bowls, especially the one with the polka dots. Something about retro decor just makes me feel embraced by my grandmother.

  2. Mandee says:

    I love all the pink mixing bowls! I would love them just as a pop of color in the kitchen too. I agree they make great gifts. You can never have too many mixing bowls!

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