Jessie Steele Retro Aprons for Your Kitchen

Jessie-Steele-ApronsAprons were a staple in the kitchens of the 1950’s. Now you can have those charming looks to add to your own kitchen, retro or not. Designer Jessie Steele has the most fun collection I have ever seen.

Special Deal from Jessie Steele

The vintage and retro aprons from Jessie Steele are plain charming and ones that I love. Now, you can get a deal when you order. The company is offering free shipping for orders of only $50 or more. Shop For Vintage Apron Designs and Enjoy Free Shipping Over $50 at Jessie Steele! That’s a better deal than most companies offer.

Delightful Jessie Steele Aprons

Here are some of my favorites from the retro and vintage collection of great aprons from Jessie Steele. Each of these makes a charming addition to any retro kitchen.

 Jessie Steele Ava Bib Apron, Retro Cherries Jessie Steele Bib Josephine Café Toile Apron Jessie Steele Geranium Pink and White Polka Dot Josephine Apron

Retro Kitchen Decor

Take advantage of your retro aprons to help in your retro decorating style. Display them in your kitchen. Either use a shelf that has pegs under to hang your aprons from or get a chrome hat stand, if you kitchen has the space. On your shelf, add some simple accent pieces, like a plate or bowl from the 1950’s era. Place a funny wall sign above it and you have a great little decorating vignette.

Hostess Aprons

But, great retro aprons also work wonderfully for wearing as the hostess. I have several that I keep just for when I’m entertaining. Aprons are functional, but they can also be a fashion statement when you are the hostess for a party.

Coordinating Kitchen Mitts

You don’t have to stop at aprons for your retro kitchen. Add coordinating kitchen mitts as well. Part of your decor and functional as well. And don’t forget a set of kitchen mitts with matching apron for great gift ideas. Shop Our Selection Of Retro-Chic Mitts Today!

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  1. Mandee Sears says:

    I, too, love the look of a retro apron! They are one tradition that I think should never have been dropped — especially for a hostess. Besides looking classy and chic, they will protect your party clothes from spills and accidents! And, as you said, they are a wonderful decorating accessory to a retro kitchen!

  2. I love wearing aprons! Having a beautiful apron to cover my clothes makes me feel dressed for entertaining company even when I am just wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

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