Retro Wall Clocks

A wall clock in the kitchen is the an easy way to carry your retro theme. Wall clocks work well for the functional side of knowing the time, as well as the decorating side of a Retro Kitchen. Wall clocks from the 1950’s era are available in many different style, from the bold star-burst look to the simple round school-house clock. Here is a selection of some of our favorites, all available from a trusted online source, Amazon. Just click on the clock of your choice to see more about it, purchase it or browse more retro kitchen wall clocks.



Chaney Star Metal Casing Starburst
Bai Square Timex Flip Clock Non-Ticking DecoMates
Kit-Cat Clock Utensil Sunburst With Timer
Netal Boutique Sunburst Aura color Bai School Clock
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