The Look of Retro Kitchen Furniture

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Retro-Kitchen-Furniture-RedWhen you are thinking about adding furniture to your Retro kitchen, there are a few things you need to look for. Retro kitchen furniture from the 1950’s or mid-century is all about ease of cleaning and care.

New Materials Introduced

The space age had begun and that gave rise to some new materials that worked great for surfaces that could clean easier. Formica table tops were born. No more need to use table cloths and need to wash them often. The Formica top could be washed clean with a sponge.

Then add in chrome, another new invention in this era and a great table look was born. Retro kitchen furniture uses Chrome to give a beautiful look to it, while still being light-weight and easy to clean. Chrome accents were added to tables. Both table and chair legs were made from chrome.

Finally, add plastic. The chairs seats and backs were made with plastic-coated cushions. Again, ease for cleaning was the norm. Plastic could be wiped clean with a sponge. The 1950’s housewife had an easier time in the kitchen because of these new inventions.

The Look of Retro Kitchen Furniture

Retro kitchens have a shiny look to them with all the chrome but also a bright color accent with the plastic available in bright reds, blues, even oranges and pinks are popular colors. But, don’t be afraid to go with black or white, which were also popular colors in the 1950’s. You can create your own effect using your own kitchen color schemes.

Besides the table and chairs, retro step stools were popular. The mid-century kitchen cabinets were built in for the first time. So those top shelves were hard to reach. Step stools began to be a staple for inclusion in retro kitchen furniture.

Your Retro kitchen furniture will add a great flavor to your decor. Besides, making your clean-up time much less! So add some retro kitchen furniture from that mid-century style. Plenty of Formica and Chrome in your retro tables. Favorite colored plastic for your retro chairs and add in a step stool for your own convenience and that retro look.

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  1. Mandee Sears says:

    I had a set almost like the one in the photo. I absolutely loved it. As you said, so easy to clean and keep looking nice while adding that retro kitchen vibe! Awesome!

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